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The most frequent A topics:

(26x) Abolitionists (25x) Abortion (12x) Abortion & Birth Control (14x) Abraham Lincoln (10x) Abundance (25x) Abuse (12x) Abyss (18x) Academic achievement (10x) Academic freedom (74x) Academic writing (13x) Academy (10x) Account (15x) Accountability (19x) Accounting (27x) Acculturation (12x) Acquisition (11x) Across (10x) Act (Philosophy) (15x) Acting (17x) Acting & Auditioning (40x) Action (33x) Activism (46x) Actors (11x) Actresses (14x) Actresses Musicians Dancers Managers (16x) Acts (10x) Adams, John (28x) Adams, Julia (15x) Adaptation (32x) Adaptations (18x) Addams, Jane (133x) Administration (23x) Administrative agencies (34x) Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice (10x) Admission (24x) Adolescence (15x) Adolescent (15x) Adolescent Psychiatry (19x) Adoption (15x) Adoption & Fostering (12x) Adorno, Theodor W. (10x) Adulthood (20x) Advances (15x) Adventure (48x) Adventurers & Explorers (35x) Adventures (22x) Advertising (14x) Advertising & Promotion (12x) Advocacy (31x) Aerial operations, American (15x) Aeronautics (11x) Aeronautics & Astronautics (13x) Aeschylus (287x) Aesthetics (29x) Aesthetics, Modern (18x) Affect (14x) Affect (Psychology) (11x) Affirmative Action (15x) Affirmative action programs (14x) Afghan War, 2001- (36x) Afghanistan (641x) Africa (14x) Africa, East (19x) Africa, North (10x) Africa, Southern (20x) Africa, Sub-Saharan (34x) Africa, West (124x) African (281x) African American (10x) African American art (16x) African American arts (145x) African American authors (12x) African American churches (16x) African American civil rights workers (14x) African American families (18x) African American intellectuals (10x) African American legislators (18x) African American men (11x) African American musicians (12x) African American political activists (11x) African American soldiers (829x) African American Studies (12x) African American theater (98x) African American women (19x) African American women in literature (12x) African American youth (729x) African Americans (98x) African Americans in literature (14x) African Americans in motion pictures (15x) African Americans in popular culture (12x) African Americans in the performing arts (27x) African Diaspora (16x) African influences (23x) Africans (13x) Afro-Americans (48x) After (26x) Afterlife (14x) Against (208x) Age (26x) Aged (26x) Agency (19x) Agent (Philosophy) (63x) Aging (28x) Agnosticism (44x) Agribusiness (14x) Agricultural laborers (177x) Agriculture (77x) Agriculture & Food (77x) Agriculture & Food Policy (24x) Agriculture and state (11x) Agriculture, Prehistoric (27x) AIDS (28x) AIDS & HIV (49x) AIDS (Disease) (30x) Aims & Objectives (45x) Aims and objectives (31x) Air (13x) Al-Batal, Mahmoud (12x) Al-Tonsi, Abbas (223x) Alabama (159x) Alaska (10x) Alatis, James E. (11x) Alchemy (10x) Alcohol (23x) Alcoholic (11x) Algebra (13x) Algeria (22x) All (11x) Alternative & Complementary Medicine (30x) Alternative & Renewable (10x) Alternative medicine (21x) Altruism (10x) Amazon (16x) Amazon River Region (15x) Ambiguity (479x) America (2570x) American (10x) American Century (12x) American City (10x) American Civil War (47x) American Culture (16x) American Democracy (64x) American drama (21x) American Dream (10x) American Education (218x) American fiction (424x) American Government (13x) American History (13x) American Indians (23x) American influences (19x) American Life (553x) American literature (18x) American newspapers (13x) American periodicals (305x) American poetry (27x) American Politics (47x) American prose literature (24x) American Revolution (40x) American Sign Language (17x) American Southwest (38x) American West (14x) American wit and humor (11x) Americanisms (26x) Americanization (74x) Americans (46x) Americas (135x) Americas (North, Central, South, West Indies) (12x) Amish (15x) Amphibians (67x) Analysis (11x) Analysis, appreciation (26x) Anarchism (10x) Anarchists (36x) Anatomy (35x) Anatomy & Physiology (560x) Ancient (439x) Ancient & Classical (11x) Ancient Greece (11x) Ancient Languages (10x) Ancient Near East (10x) ancient world (13x) Anderson, Arthur J. O. (24x) Andes (27x) Andes Region (153x) Anecdotes (19x) Angels (23x) Animal behavior (17x) Animal ecology (11x) Animal remains (Archaeology) (40x) Animal rights (29x) Animal welfare (530x) Animals (28x) Animals and civilization (15x) Animals in literature (17x) Ann Arbor (14x) Annotations (17x) Annual (14x) Annual Review (148x) Anthologies (multiple authors) (63x) Anthology (23x) Anthropological aspects (17x) Anthropological linguistics (41x) Anthropologists (2267x) Anthropology (19x) Anthropometry (12x) Anti-communist movements (11x) Anti-imperialist movements (19x) Antiques & Collectibles (615x) Antiquities (41x) Antiquities & Archaeology (17x) Antiquities, Prehistoric (12x) Antiquity (42x) Antisemitism (42x) Antislavery movements (15x) Antitrust (16x) Antitrust law (13x) Apartheid (12x) Apocalypse (12x) Apocalyptic literature (12x) Apologetics (13x) Appadurai, Arjun (26x) Appalachia (62x) Appalachian Region (32x) Appalachian Region, Southern (37x) Applications (10x) Applied Psychology (15x) Applied Sciences (93x) Appreciation (10x) Approaches (27x) Apps, Jerry (18x) Aquinas (13x) Aquinas, Saint (24x) Arab countries (35x) Arab-Israeli conflict (64x) Arabic (45x) Arabic language (11x) Arabs (16x) Archaeological expeditions (13x) Archaeological Perspectives (28x) Archaeologists (862x) Archaeology (39x) Archaeology and history (18x) Architects (15x) Architectural & Industrial (686x) Architecture (37x) Architecture and society (22x) Architecture, Domestic (19x) Architecture, Modern (14x) Archive (55x) Archives (26x) Arctic regions (14x) Arendt, Hannah (71x) Argentina (14x) Argument (56x) Aristotle (244x) Arizona (100x) Arkansas (64x) Armed Forces (12x) Arms (29x) Arms Control (48x) Army (14x) Around (1523x) Art (25x) Art & Politics (28x) Art and literature (11x) Art and science (49x) Art and society (18x) Art and state (20x) Art criticism (16x) Art patronage (38x) Art, American (46x) Art, Modern (11x) Arthurian romances (11x) Artificial intelligence (13x) Artisans (66x) Artists (113x) Artists, Architects, Photographers (97x) Arts (50x) Arts & Humanities (35x) Arts and society (15x) Arts, American (26x) Arts, Modern (13x) Asceticism (998x) Asia (13x) Asia, Central (11x) Asia, Southeastern (247x) Asian (10x) Asian America (62x) Asian American (28x) Asian American authors (178x) Asian American Studies (70x) Asian Americans (20x) Asian Americans in literature (11x) Asians (13x) Aspects (36x) Assassination (14x) Assessment, Testing & Measurement (15x) Assimilation (Sociology) (10x) Association (87x) Astronomy (42x) Astrophysics (24x) at (24x) Athens (21x) Athens (Greece) (10x) Athletes (15x) Atlanta (10x) Atlanta (Ga.) (13x) Atlantic Ocean Region (22x) Atlas (15x) Atlases, Gazetteers & Maps (14x) Atomic bomb (36x) Atrocities (153x) Attitudes (11x) Audience (16x) Augustine (31x) Augustine, Saint (34x) Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo (11x) Auschwitz (Concentration camp) (16x) Austen, Jane (51x) Australia (21x) Australia & New Zealand (38x) Austria (23x) Austria & Hungary (15x) Authenticity (17x) Author (18x) Authoritarianism (58x) Authority (33x) Authors (21x) Authors and publishers (33x) Authors and readers (229x) Authors, American (42x) Authors, English (23x) Authors, French (14x) Authors, German (19x) Authors, Russian (291x) Authorship (11x) Autism (141x) Autobiography (24x) Automatic control (16x) Automobiles (21x) Automotive (20x) Autonomy (32x) Autonomy and independence movements (17x) Avant - Garde (59x) Avant-garde (Aesthetics) (59x) Aviation (23x) Aztecs

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