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The most frequent K topics:

(26x) Kafka, Franz (28x) Kansas (12x) Kansas City (23x) Kant (58x) Kant, Immanuel (14x) Kaplan, Alice (28x) Kaplan, Caren (15x) Kaye, Elizabeth A. (11x) Kearns, Thomas R. (12x) Keats, John (10x) Kelly, Christopher (20x) Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald) (13x) Kennon, Donald R. (44x) Kentucky (57x) Kenya (14x) Key (12x) Kidnapping (12x) Kierkegaard, Søren (29x) King (15x) King, Martin Luther, Jr. (10x) King, Tracy Holloway (21x) Kingdom (17x) Kings (89x) Kings and rulers (66x) Kinship (11x) Kirk, Robin (16x) Know (10x) Knowableness (23x) Knowing (278x) Knowledge (10x) Knowledge and learning (32x) Knowledge, Sociology of (104x) Knowledge, Theory of (11x) Koran & Sacred Writings (65x) Korea (48x) Korea (South) (14x) Korean (12x) Korean Americans (11x) Korean language (15x) Korean War (19x) Korean War, 1950-1953 (10x) Koreans (21x) Kreeft, Peter (23x) Krueger, Anne O. (10x) Ku Klux Klan (1915- ) (10x) Kuhn, Thomas S. (10x) Kun, Josh (26x) Kurland, Philip B.

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