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The most frequent G topics:

(19x) Galilei, Galileo (15x) Galileo (35x) Gambling (12x) Gambling on Indian reservations (19x) Game (14x) Game theory (26x) Games (63x) Games & Activities (13x) Gandhi, Mahatma (11x) Gang members (26x) Gangs (12x) Gaonkar, Dilip Parameshwar (21x) Garden (13x) Garden Design (11x) Garden State (129x) Gardening (21x) Gardens (29x) Gates (11x) Gaus, P. L. (38x) Gay (12x) Gay and lesbian studies (11x) Gay couples (12x) Gay culture (31x) Gay liberation movement (100x) Gay men (14x) Gay men in literature (34x) Gay rights (471x) Gay Studies (94x) Gays (14x) Gays in popular culture (394x) Gender (28x) Gender & the Law (68x) Gender identity (43x) Gender identity in literature (13x) Gender Nonconformity (649x) Gender Studies (48x) Genealogy (16x) Generation (11x) Generations (15x) Generative grammar (14x) Genes (43x) Genesis (10x) Genetic aspects (18x) Genetic engineering (42x) Genetics (59x) Genetics & Genomics (10x) Genius (46x) Genocide (33x) Genocide & War Crimes (21x) Genre (41x) Genres (574x) Genres & Styles (14x) Gentrification (10x) Geographic information systems (25x) Geographical distribution (25x) Geographical perception (17x) Geographies (294x) Geography (10x) Geography in literature (95x) Geology (18x) Geology, Stratigraphic (20x) Geometry (62x) Geopolitics (18x) Georgetown Journal (11x) Georgetown University Round Table (69x) Georgia (10x) Georgian Era (1714-1837) (15x) Geriatrics (146x) German (26x) German Americans (10x) German fiction (62x) German literature (17x) German occupation, 1940-1945 (37x) Germans (701x) Germany (30x) Germany (East) (35x) Germany (West) (59x) Gerontology (12x) Gesture (36x) Ghana (24x) Ghost (48x) Ghosts (11x) Giants (27x) Gift (12x) Gifts (15x) Gilded Age (11x) Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (12x) Ginsburg, Norton (18x) Girard, René (31x) Girls (13x) Global (12x) Global Age (17x) Global Economy (13x) Global environmental change (25x) Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009 (95x) Global History (13x) Global Perspective (26x) Global warming (30x) Global Warming & Climate Change (296x) Globalization (14x) Glory (14x) Glossaries, vocabularies, etc (11x) Gnosticism (143x) God (25x) God (Christianity) (37x) Gods (10x) Goethe (11x) Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (11x) Gogolʹ, Nikolaĭ Vasilʹevich (10x) GOING (27x) Gold (16x) Gold discoveries (21x) Gold mines and mining (27x) Goldberg, Jonathan (21x) Golden Age (19x) Goldhammer, Arthur (10x) Gonzalez, Ray (17x) Good (18x) Good & Evil (19x) Good and evil (28x) Gospel (10x) Gospels (27x) Gothic & Romance (24x) Gothic revival (Literature) (10x) Gould, Stephen Jay (40x) Governance (86x) Government (65x) Government & Business (11x) Government accountability (11x) Government and the press (496x) Government policy (182x) Government relations (32x) Government, Resistance to (71x) Governors (11x) Graber, Mark A. (26x) Grace (11x) Grace (Theology) (10x) Grafton, Anthony (102x) Grammar (88x) Grammar & Punctuation (22x) Grammar, Comparative (16x) Grammar, Comparative and general (10x) Grammar, Generative (13x) Grand Canyon (20x) Grand Canyon (Ariz.) (10x) Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson) (20x) Graphic Arts (12x) Graphic novels (14x) Grasses (18x) Great (42x) Great Basin (1085x) Great Britain (11x) Great Britain. Army (28x) Great Depression (14x) Great Lakes (19x) Great Lakes (North America) (12x) Great Lakes Region (30x) Great Lakes Region (North America) (42x) Great Plains (22x) Great War (296x) Greece (29x) Greek (24x) Greek drama (Tragedy) (15x) Greek influences (16x) Greek language (26x) Greek literature (15x) Greeks (16x) Green (44x) Green Business (20x) Green movement (32x) Grene, David (27x) Grewal, Inderpal (27x) Grief (12x) Griffith, Mark (12x) Ground (132x) Group identity (31x) Group identity in literature (27x) Growing Up (99x) Growth (10x) gtt (71x) Guatemala (20x) Guerrillas (216x) Guide (190x) Guidebooks (30x) Guides & Reviews (10x) Gun control (19x) Gynecology & Obstetrics

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