The Ohio State University Press, 1963
Cloth: 978-0-8142-0059-9

"Because it represents the first scholarly effort to establish texts as close as possible to the intentions of the author, this Centenary Edition makes obsolete all previous editions, notorious for their textual corruption. An eminent staff . . . has analyzed and synthesized the evidence of all MSS and worthwhile printed editions. Each volume includes a well documented introduction concerning such matters as circumstances leading to composition and history of publication as well as textual notes on alterations in the MSS, editorial emendations, etc." --Choice

"The Centenary Edition, which has been producing weighty volumes of definitively edited texts of Hawthorne for a full generation, is now the sine qua non of Hawthorne scholarship. As an example of editorial care and research thoroughness it has been a model for the profession and as a physical object a model for publishers. In addition to the immensely important achievement of producing fully accurate texts of the romances, tales, and sketches, the Centenary editors have made available, for the very first time, all of the various Notebooks and letters. For the letters, especially, the wait has been long but the result is gratifying. Reading straight through the Centenary's six volumes of letters is a self-indulgent pleasure that brings us markedly closer to the man than we can get in any other way." --American Literature

Representing decades of work, this is the definitive edition of Hawthorne's works. Each volume includes comprehensive notes and explanatory material.

I: The Scarlet Letter $62.95 cloth 0-8142-0059-1

II: The House of the Seven Gables $69.95 cloth 0-8142-0060-5

III: The Blithedale Romance and Fanshawe $72.95 cloth 0-8142-0061-3

IV: The Marble Faun $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0062-1

V: Our Old Home $72.95 cloth 0-8142-0002-8

VI: True Stories from History and Biography $72.95 cloth 0-8142-0157-1

VII: A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales $72.95 cloth 0-8142-0158-X

VIII: The American Notebooks $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0159-8

IX: Twice-told Tales $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0202-0

X: Mosses from an Old Manse $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0203-9

XI: The Snow Image and Uncollected Tales $72.95 cloth 0-8142-0204-7

XII: The American Claimant Manuscripts $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0251-9

XIII: The Elixir of Life Manuscripts $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0252-7

XIV: The French and Italian Notebooks $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0256-X

XV: The Letters, 1813-1843 $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0363-9

XVI: The Letters, 1843-1853 $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0364-7

XVII: The Letters, 1853-1856 $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0365-5

XVIII: The Letters, 1857-1864 $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0383-3

XIX: The Consular Letters, 1853-1855 $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0384-1

XX: The Consular Letters, 1856-1857 $83.95 cloth 0-8142-0462-7

XXI: The English Notebooks, 1853-1856 $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0670-0

XXII: The English Notebooks, 1856-1860 $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0671-9

XXIII: Miscellaneous Prose and Verse $98.95 cloth 0-8142-0644-1