edited by Rhona Justice-Malloy
contributions by Heather A. Beasley, Shawna Mefford Carroll, Miriam Chirico, Stacey Connelly, James Fisher, Richard Fotheringham, Elinor Fuchs, Perry Gethner, Helen Huff, Felicia Hardison Londré, Bill Rauch, Adrienne Macki Braconi, Chris M. McCoy, Katharine M. Rogers, Mark Seamon, Chad Allen Thomas, Aaron M. Tobiason, Sophie Tomlinson, Dan Venning, Gary Jay Williams, Don B Wilmeth, Virginia Scott, Marlis Schweitzer, Scott R. Irelan, Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, Chris Woodworth, Penny Farfan, Thomas Robson, Richard L. Poole and Victor Holtcamp
University of Alabama Press, 2012
Paper: 978-0-8173-7108-1 | eISBN: 978-0-8173-8630-6

Theatre History Studies, currently edited by Rhona Justice-Malloy, is a peer-reviewed journal of theatre history and scholarship published annually since 1981 by the Mid-American Theatre Conference (MATC), a regional body devoted to theatre scholarship and practice. The conference encompasses the states of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The purpose of the conference is to unite persons and organizations within the region with an interest in theatre and to promote the growth and development of all forms of theatre.
Penny Farfan / Victor Holtcamp / Lisa Jackson-Schebetta / Richard
L. Poole / Bill Rauch / Thomas Robson / Marlis Schweitzer / Virginia
Scott / Christine Woodworth