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Spoken Vietnamese Activities Manual 1
by Le Pham Thuy-Kim
Northern Illinois University Press, 1994
Paper: 978-0-87580-657-0


The activities manuals for Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners are designed to supplement
each of the textbook’s twenty lessons. They consist of preliminary chapters introducing
useful classroom expressions and additional chapters that are divided into
four sections: writing activities, listening activities, oral activities, and pattern drills.

The writing activities sections provide exercises to help students practice new
vocabulary and grammar points and develop reading and writing skills. The listening
activities sections contain questions and activities based on the dialogues,
monologues, and narratives featured in the Spoken Vietnamese audio program. The
oral activities sections start with controlled exercises, continue further with guided
exercises, and then end with role playing exercises so students can integrate and recombine
material previously studied with new materials learned. The pattern drills
sections include exercises in substitution, transformation, and response. These
activities manuals and the accompanying audio program that will be made available
online can be used either with a teacher or for self-study. Professors, their pupils, or
anyone learning Vietnamese on their own will appreciate their instructional value.

The instructor’s manual for Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners proposes general
classroom procedures and advises professors and teachers alike how to use the textbook
effectively in conjunction with its two activities manuals. It includes advice
on how to introduce new vocabulary and dialogues; how to introduce new patterns
or new grammatical structures; how to work with students on oral practices; how
to work with them on their writing activities; and how to work with them on their
listening activities. The keen wisdom and helpful guidance in the instructor’s
manual will be welcomed by professors and teachers that use Spoken Vietnamese for
Beginners and its two supplemental activities manuals in the classroom.

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