by Jane Lenz Elder, Duane Harbin and David Schmersal
illustrated by Rebecca Howdeshell
Bridwell Press, 2022
Paper: 978-1-957946-01-6 | eISBN: 978-1-957946-00-9

In The Antediluvian Librarians’ Secrets to Success, the authors draw on their combined experience and unique perspective as librarians to address the most common concerns they hear students express. Their light-hearted approach, combined with eye-catching illustrations, makes for a friendly work students can read from beginning to end or refer to as they move through their first anxious weeks of seminary.

In easy-to-digest segments, the book reveals the kind of strategies for being a graduate student that are seldom revealed in the classroom. Consisting of seven sections, The Antediluvian Librarians’ Secrets to Success offers guidance on such varied topics as reading strategically, asking questions, managing time, practicing self-care, staying organized, and tackling that first paper. It also offers lists for further reading and thoughtful pieces of advice. Although the authors are theological librarians, the recommendations they offer are just as practical for students beginning any graduate program in the humanities.

Deeply useful for anyone entering seminary or theology school both now and in the future, The Antediluvian Librarians’ Secrets to Success is the first work released from the new Bridwell Press. 

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