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What Saves Us: Poems of Empathy and Outrage in the Age of Trump
Martín Espada, Julia Alvarez, Doug Anderson, Naomi Ayala, Benjamin Balthaser, Sean Bates, Jan Beatty, Tara Betts, Richard Blanco, Rafael Campo, Cyrus Cassells, Hayan Charara, Chen Chen, Brian Clements, Jim Daniels, Kwame Dawes, Chard deNiord, Cynthia Dewi Oka, Dante DiStefano, Kathy Engle, George Evans, Tarfia Faizullah, Carolyn Forché, Denice Frohman, Danielle Legros Georges, Aracelis Girmay, Ruth Goring, Adam Grabowski, Laurie Anne Guerrero, Sam Hamill, Samuel Hazo, Juan Felipe Herrera, Jane Hirshfield, Everett Hoagland, Lawrence Joseph, Yusef Komunyakaa, Dorianne Laux, Paul Mariani, Demetria Martínez, Paul Martínez Pompa, Julio Marzán, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Marty McConnell, Leslie McGrath, Richard Michelson, E. Ethelbert Miller, Kamilah Aisha Moon, David Mura, John Murillo, Maria Nazos, Marilyn Nelson, Naomi Shihab Nye, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Willie Perdomo, Emmy Peréz, Marge Piercy, Sasha Pimentel, Robert Pinsky, Gabriel Ramírez, Luivette Resto, Peggy Robles-Alvarado, Luis J. Rodríguez, William Pitt Root, Patrick Rosal, Joseph Ross, Nicholas Samaras, Ruth Irupé Sanabria, Lauren Schmidt, Tim Seibles, Katherine DiBella Seluja, Don Share, Patricia Smith, Gary Soto, Mark Turcotte, Brian Turner, Chase Twichell, Pamela Uschuk, Elisabet Velasquez, Richard Villar, Ocean Vuong, George Wallace, Afaa M. Weaver, Eleanor Wilner, Daisy Zamora, Danez Smith, Elizabeth Alexander, Marcelo Hernández Castillo, Brenda Marie Osbey, Donald Hall, Bruce Weigl, Ricardo Alberto Maldonado, torrin a. greathouse and Adrian Louis
Paper: 978-0-8101-4077-6
Electronic: 978-0-8101-4083-7

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