front cover of A Dictionary of New Mexico and Southern Colorado Spanish
A Dictionary of New Mexico and Southern Colorado Spanish
Revised and Expanded Edition
Rubén Cobos
Museum of New Mexico Press, 2011
Continuously in print since 1983, Dictionary of New Mexico and Southern Colorado Spanish, has become a classic Spanish reference book, widely used in classrooms across the United States. As a teenager in Albuquerque, esteemed linguist and folkorist Rubén Cobos (1911-2010) was intrigued by and began documenting the regional variations of spoken Spanish. This was to become his work of a lifetime spanning seventy-five years. Dr. Cobos began recording Indo-Hispanic folklore material in the early 1940s. With the co-operation of the villagers, farmers, sheepherders, and other hard-working people in the small towns throughout New Mexico and Southern Colorado he recorded the nuances, slang and the regionally distinctive words of Spanish spoken in the communities of the upper Rio Grande and Southern Colorado.

Ruben Cobos spent a decade working on the revised and expanded edition of the dictionary, published in 2003. The Dictionary of New Mexico and Southern Colorado Spanish has assumed its place as the most authoritative reference on the archaic dialect of Spanish spoken in this region.

front cover of Laughing in the Light
Laughing in the Light
Jimmy Santiago Baca
Museum of New Mexico Press, 2020
Jimmy Santiago Baca’s newest collection of essays picks up where his earlier acclaimed book, Working in the Dark, left off. Laughing in the Light is the writer’s first attempt to revisit his past, launching into the past twenty years with a renewed heart and wizened spirit as he shares his experiences, what he has learned along the way, and how his views have changed. Baca delves deeper into contemporary issues as he explores themes ranging from arts, culture, education, and justice reform.

front cover of New Mexico Christmas Story
New Mexico Christmas Story
Owl in a Straw Hat 3
Rudolfo Anaya
Museum of New Mexico Press, 2020
Acclaimed New Mexico author Rudolfo Anaya presents a northern New Mexico Christmas tale in this third volume from his Owl in a Straw Hat series featuring the loveable Ollie Tecolote and his Wisdom School classmates Uno the Unicorn, Jackie Jackalope, Bessie Beaver, Sally Skunk, Robbie Rabbit, and Ninja Raccoon. The story begins on Christmas Eve morning in Chimayó and the students play in the snow and decorate a Christmas tree for the classroom. They are looking forward to the evening’s activities. Nana, their teacher, is making posole and chile colorado and has invited some special guests to join them for dinner. After that Nana says they’ll walk to El Santuario to visit the Santo Niño and promises hot chocolate and biscochitos afterward! Along the way, they will act the parts of the shepherds in Los pastores, the Shepherds’ Play, which is about shepherds visiting the newborn baby Jesus and bringing him gifts. At the end of their journey, they too will visit the Nativity and bring their own gifts on this magical night.

front cover of No More Bullies!/¡No Más Bullies
No More Bullies!/¡No Más Bullies
Owl in a Straw Hat 2
Rudolfo Anaya
Museum of New Mexico Press, 2019
The adventures and lessons continue in this second book featuring “Owl in a Straw Hat” (Ollie Tecolote). This book tackles the subject of bullying of classmates for being different. Jackie Jackalope is missing from school and the teacher (Ollie’s grandmother) gets to the bottom of it. The kids have been teasing Jackie about her horns and she has run away to her parents in Pot of Gold Land. A contrite Ollie along with Uno the Unicorn (both guilty of teasing) volunteer to find and bring Jackie back to school. Their journey to Jackie’s home leads to encounters with three guardians of the Dark Forest (NM monsters/legends): La Llorona, El Kookoóee, and Skeleton Woman; and the Golden Carp who allows them to cross Rainbow Bridge. They reach Jackie and apologize and take her back to Wisdom School. Rudolfo Anaya’s magical characters are brought to life by illustrator El Moisés.

front cover of Origins of New Mexico Families
Origins of New Mexico Families
A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period
Fray Angélico Chávez
Museum of New Mexico Press, 1992
This classic genealogy reference book is considered to be the starting place for anyone having family history ties to New Mexico, and for those interested in the history of New Mexico. Well before Jamestown and the Pilgrims, New Mexico was settled continuously beginning in 1598 by Spaniards whose descendants still make up a major portion of the population of New Mexico.

front cover of Santa Fe Different
Santa Fe Different
22 Years and All I Got Was a Cheeseburger
Arnold Vigil
Museum of New Mexico Press, 2019
From 2004 to 2009, the Albuquerque Journal North ran the ¡ÓRALE! SANTA FE column by Santa Fe native and veteran journalist Arnold Vigil. The editor gave carte blanche to Vigil in his selection of topics ranging from encounters with locals and tourists to social commentary about changes that have taken place over the years. Vigil’s local perspective and humorous insights about Santa Fe, its inhabitants, and visitors struck a chord with readers—native Nuevomexicanos and long-time residents alike. Despite its popularity, the column was discontinued as a result of the economic downturn.

front cover of soft bright fluffy
soft bright fluffy
a fiesta of special shape balloons
Nancy Abruzzo
Museum of New Mexico Press, 2021
Every year in October, visitors gather from all over the world to celebrate hot air balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The stars of the show are the whimsical Special Shape balloons—these fanciful, brightly colored balloons in the form of bees, trees, pigs, clowns, and more delight children and families as they take flight. Nancy Abruzzo, balloon enthusiast and a pilot herself, presents the magic of Special Shape balloons in this children’s picture book for young readers beautifully illustrated by Nöel Dora Chilton.

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