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Thomas Aquinas as Spiritual Teacher
Michael A. Dauphinais
Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University, 2023
St. Thomas Aquinas preaches in his sermon Puer Jesus "Just as your father begot you bodily, your teacher begets you spiritually." St. Thomas himself has been blessed with prodigious fecundity through the centuries for his teaching in the Holy Spirit. Always, he leads us to think of the Blessed Trinity and all things from God's own view. With new insights into St. Thomas's spiritual teaching in its sources, context, breadth, wisdom, and influences, Thomas Aquinas as Spiritual Teacher presents chapters inspired by an international conference co-sponsored by the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal at Ave Maria University and the Thomistic Institute of the Dominican House of Studies. The volume, like its conference, honors Archbishop J. Augustine Di Noia, OP, adjunct secretary of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, for his dedication to the spiritual teaching of St. Thomas in several decades of service to the Church and the academy. Luis F. Cardinal Ladaria, SJ, prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, contributed the volume's foreword.

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The Trinity
Eternity and Time
Thomas G. Weinandy
Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University, 2022
In this book, Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap., examines the Trinity's eternity in relationship to creation's time, particularly in relation to human persons. Because the persons of the Trinity are subsistent-relations-fully-in-act as the one God, they are immutable as to who they are in relationship to one another. Thus they exist in a timeless manner. Moreover, this volume assesses how the eternal Trinity is personally related to human persons over the course of time, and how human persons are personally related to the persons of the eternal Trinity. In the first part of the book Weinandy treats, in an original and innovative manner, an issue that has been addressed throughout the history of theology, while the second part addresses a related topic that rarely, if ever, has been considered: How does the relationship between the persons of the Trinity and humans change through the saving works of the Trinity - the Incarnation, cross, and Resurrection - and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Through faith in the incarnated Son of God, and by participating in the sacraments of baptism and the Eucharist, human persons abide in the risen Jesus. The relationship between eternity and time, in the light of salvation, now takes on a whole new perspective, both epistemologically and ontologically. What will be the relationship between the eternal persons of the Trinity and glorified human beings at the end of time? Time will assume a new heavenly and everlasting dimension. But what will this heavenly novelty be like? The Trinity: Eternity and Time answers these questions and more in a thoroughly philosophical, biblical, and theological manner.

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