front cover of Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Arizona
Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Arizona
Gale Monson and Allan R. Phillips
University of Arizona Press, 1981

front cover of The Plants of Jordan
The Plants of Jordan
An Annotated Checklist
Hatem Taifour and Ahmad El-Oqlah
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2017
This is the first comprehensive, up-to-date checklist of the vascular plants found in Jordan. The book covers 112 families and all species, including ferns and gymnosperms, that have been recorded for Jordan, with correct nomenclature and accepted names. Each species is cited with at least one specimen from the field. A collaboration between the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Plants of Jordan is the work of experts from both institutions and will be the standard in the field for years to come.

front cover of The Plants of Sudan and South Sudan
The Plants of Sudan and South Sudan
An Annotated Checklist
Edited by Iain Darbyshire, Maha Kordofani, Imadeldin Farag, Ruba Candiga, and Helen Pickering
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2014
From gummy bears to watercolors to fireworks, many everyday products contain traces of Sudanese plants. With more than four thousand diverse species of flora in the Republic of Sudan and the recently seceded Republic of South Sudan, they cover a vast area of tropical northeast Africa, from the hyper-arid desert in the north to the rainforest and extensive wetlands in the south.
The Plants of Sudan and South Sudan is the first comprehensive look at the plants of this region and includes nearly every known species. Each entry includes accepted scientific names, relevant synonymy, and brief habitat notes, as well as both global and regional distribution data. Also featured is a list of globally threatened plant species, their habitats, and their distribution within the region, which offers conservationists, land management agencies, and governmental departments key information on potential conservation priorities. This book will be the baseline reference for all future botanical and conservation work in the Sudan region.

front cover of The Vascular Plants of Iowa
The Vascular Plants of Iowa
An Annotated Checklist and Natural History
Lawrence J. Eilers
University of Iowa Press, 1994

Anyone who works with the vascular plants of Iowa—researchers, conservationists, teachers, agricultural specialists, horticulturists, gardeners, and so on—and those who are simply interested in knowing more about the state's plants have long felt a need for a comprehensive flora of Iowa. This meticulously researched volume is a giant first step toward such a flora.

This book consists of an extended essay on the natural history of the vascular plants of Iowa, a discussion of their origins, a description of the state's natural regions, and a painstakingly annotated checklist of Iowa vascular plants. The data, which apply to over 150 years, took more than 15 years to collect.

All known vascular plants that grow and persist in Iowa without cultivation are included in the checklist. These are native plants, primarily, but a large number of introduced species have become established throughout the state. Also included are Iowa's major crop plants and some of its common garden plants. The lengthy checklist provides an accurate and up-to-date listing of species names and common names, synonyms, distribution, habitat, abundance, and origin; county names are given for very rare species, and the most complete information has been provided for all rare plants and troublesome species.

The wealth of information is this well-organized, practical volume—which describes more than two thousand species from Adiantum pedatum, the northern maidenhair fern of moist woods and rocky slopes, to Zannichellia palustris, the horned pondweed of shallow marshes and coldwater streams—makes it possible to identify Iowa plants correctly. All midwesterners will want to own a copy of The Vascular Plants of Iowa.


front cover of William March
William March
An Annotated Checklist
Roy S. Simmonds
University of Alabama Press, 1988
Providing an exhaustive compendium of publications by and citations about Alabama-born writer William March, William March: An Annotated Checklist offers an invaluable resource that traces in meticulous detail the arc of March’s writing, the popular and critical reception of his books and novels, and the abundant scholarship and criticism about March and his oeuvre.
This deeply researched reference includes both primary materials, an exhaustive checklist of the forms and editions of each of March’s works, and secondary materials, which include plays and films adapted from March’s writing, biographical and critical articles, doctoral dissertations, and contemporary reviews of March’s work.
The reissue in 2015 of the novels in his Pearl County series—Come in at the Door, The Tallons, and The Looking-Glass—is part of a fresh wave of interest in March, one of the most influential American writers from the mid-1930s until his death in 1954.

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