front cover of Mocking Desire
Mocking Desire
Drago Jancar
Northwestern University Press, 1998
The first novel by the preeminent Slovenian author Drago Jančar to be published in English, Mocking Desire is a brilliant exploration of conflicting states of experience and comprehension.

Gregor Gradnik, a Slovenian writer, enters the sensual and seething life of New Orleans to teach a creative writing class at a university. Gregor at first acts as only an observer, yet seductive New Orleans soon draws him into a series of bizarre erotic, professional, and social relationships. A profound and entertaining work, Mocking Desire provides the English-speaking world with the perfect introduction to one of Eastern Europe's leading writers.

front cover of Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Drago Jancar
Northwestern University Press, 2001
Josef Erdman arrives in Maribor, Slovenia, on the eve of World War II. Though he claims to be a salesman, it soon becomes apparent that Josef has no purpose in the town--and that a newcomer can expect nothing but distrust from the townspeople. Against this backdrop he witnesses the fiery shimmer of the aurora borealis and imagines the town set aflame--an omen of the coming war.

front cover of The Prophecy and Other Stories
The Prophecy and Other Stories
Drago Jancar
Northwestern University Press, 2009

These newly collected short stories reveal a master at the top of his game. Drago Jancar possesses an acute understanding of the human psyche, enabling his stories to resonate beyond their particular milieu. This collection features seven pieces, drawn from four different collections, that together present the struggle of individuals against powerful forces. The characters try to make sense of a world of shifting borders and changing names that make the idea of a "homeland"—either literal or figurative—a dream rather than a reality.


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