front cover of Behind Every Choice Is a Story
Behind Every Choice Is a Story
Gloria Feldt
University of North Texas Press, 2002

front cover of Decoding Abortion Rhetoric
Decoding Abortion Rhetoric
Celeste Michelle Condit
University of Illinois Press, 1990
Condit provides a close look at how pro-life and pro-choice arguments have helped shape the development of public policy and private practice. She offers readers an orderly way through the barrage of rhetoric and an opportunity to identify and clarify our own opinions on a very difficult subject.

front cover of The Making of Pro-life Activists
The Making of Pro-life Activists
How Social Movement Mobilization Works
Ziad W. Munson
University of Chicago Press, 2008
How do people become activists for causes they care deeply about? Many people with similar backgrounds, for instance, fervently believe that abortion should be illegal, but only some of them join the pro-life movement. By delving into the lives and beliefs of activists and nonactivists alike, Ziad W. Munson is able to lucidly examine the differences between them.

Through extensive interviews and detailed studies of pro-life organizations across the nation, Munson makes the startling discovery that many activists join up before they develop strong beliefs about abortion—in fact, some are even pro-choice prior to their mobilization. Therefore, Munson concludes, commitment to an issue is often a consequence rather than a cause of activism.

The Making of Pro-life Activists provides a compelling new model of how people become activists while also offering a penetrating analysis of the complex relationship between religion, politics, and the pro-life movement. Policy makers, activists on both sides of the issue, and anyone seeking to understand how social movements take shape will find this book essential.

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