front cover of Discovering Laws Of Life
Discovering Laws Of Life
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1994

front cover of Evidence Of Purpose
Evidence Of Purpose
Scientists Discover The Creator
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1996
For nearly a century, the central theological message of science seemed to be that there was no need for theology: science could stand alone to explain the universe. But today, that message is changing. In this volume, a gallery of respected scientists describes new developments in their fields and their relationship with theological views of the universe. Contributors include Owen Gingerich, Russell Stannard, Paul Davies, Walter R. Hearn, Robert Russell, Arthur Peacocke, John Polkinghorne, John C. Eccles, Daniel H. Osmond, and David Wilcox.

front cover of The God Who Would Be Known
The God Who Would Be Known
Revelations Of Divine Contemporary Science
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998
Until recently, science’s ability to describe and define our universe threatened to make religion obsolete. But the well-received hardcover edition of this book demonstrated that, increasingly, God is being revealed through science.
Now available in paperback, this positive work is for all who ponder the mystery and wonder of our universe—and the God who plans and oversees it. Probing the philosophical and theological impact of scientific discoveries, the authors urge us to adopt an analytical and open posture toward both science and religion. In the spirit of Sir Francis Bacon, this fascinating exploration shows us how “the book of God’s works” (natural science) can tell us a great deal about “the book of God’s words” (Scripture).
“We began this book with the idea that the God who has made this awesome and wonderful universe is utterly beyond our capacity to measure and yet is also the God who would be known. He has placed remarkable signs in the heavens, on Earth, and in ourselves: signals of transcendence. We conclude that this universe is here by divine plan, and that science itself, for decades a bastion of unbelief, has once again become the source of humankind’s assurance of intimate divine concern in its affairs.”
from the authors


front cover of Golden Nuggets
Golden Nuggets
from Sir John Templeton
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998

For young or old, rich or poor, this wisdom will find many applications in people's lives. This inspiring collection of time wisdom by Sir John Templeton, presented in a beautiful gift book, is perfect for a person seeking deeper meaning in life. Practical and uplifting advice based on a lifetime of experience is gathered in an attractive package for personal use or as a perfect gift. Juxtaposed to his sayings are short essays that elaborate on the ideas and make them easier to understand and apply. Themes, such as thanksgiving, forgiveness, positive thinking, love, humility, and happiness, arrange the thoughts.


front cover of How Large Is God
How Large Is God
The Voices of Scientists and Theologians
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998

This new collection of essays reveals how very little we know about God and fundamental spiritual principles. In recent years, scientific research has revealed that the universe is staggering in size and intricacy, and some scientists are now suggesting that our definition of God is much too small. Nine distinguished scholars and scientists present their varied views on the dimensions of God.

Edited by philanthropist John Marks Templeton, this fascinating and challenging book continues the exploration of theological and philosophical implications of the momentous and accelerating scientific discoveries of our times.


front cover of The Humble Approach Revised Edition
The Humble Approach Revised Edition
Scientists Discover God
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998

For generations the discoveries of science tended to challenge the very existence of God. Templeton makes a striking argument for just the opposite point of view. He goes to the writings of many of the world's leading scientific thinkers—as diverse in background as Albert Einstein and Teilhard de Chardin—and discovers them in awe of the universe, perceiving the hand of Divine mystery at work.

The Humble Approach teaches that man can discover and comprehend only a few of the infinite aspects of God's nature, never enough to form a comprehensive theology. The humble approach may be a science still in its infancy, but it seeks to develop a way of knowing God appropriate to His greatness and our littleness.


front cover of Is God The Only Reality
Is God The Only Reality
Science Points Deeper Meaning Of Universe
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 2012
The great paradox of science in the twentieth century is that the more we learn, the less we seem to know. In this volume, John Templeton and scientist Robert Herrmann address this paradox.
Reviewing the latest findings in fields from particle physics to archaeology, from molecular biology to cosmology, the book leads the reader to see how mysterious the universe is, even to the very science that seeks to reduce it to a few simple principles.
Far from concluding that religion and science are in opposition, the book shows how these two fields of inquiry are intimately linked, and how much they can offer to one another.
Formerly published by Continuum in 1994.


front cover of Is Progress Speeding Up
Is Progress Speeding Up
Multiplying Multitudes Of Blessings
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998

This book is a thought-provoking view of the progress of humankind in the last century. In spite of the pessimism that prevails in the media, people are better fed, better clothed, better housed, and better educated than at any previous time.

The facts within the book provide documentation for a positive outlook toward our nutrition and health, living standards and working conditions, political and economic freedoms, educational facilities, ability to communicate, ease of movement, increasing leisure, and, most important, our ability to get along with one another and with our Creator. The statistics, charts, and photographs that illustrate this book enhance the reassuring and uplifting view of the state of the world and where it is going.

“His analysis gives us a refreshing balance to the negative, sometimes cynical, views in the media that tend to portray the worst rather than the best in human civilization.” —Jimmy Carter

“After reading Sir John Templeton's latest book, I believe more than ever that we are living in the most exciting time in history. Despite the challenges we face, his demonstration of mankind's progress gives all of us great hopes and high expectations for our next century and the new millennium.” —Jack Kemp, former HUD secretary, director of Empower America


front cover of Looking Forward
Looking Forward
Next Forty Years
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998
Among the essayists, John Templeton gives his own optimistic view of the future and the world economy, focusing on declining trade barriers and the spread of free markets. Ruth Stafford Peale describes the future of philanthropy and charity. Dr. Denton A. Cooley, the renowned heart surgeon, tells of the stunning advances in medicine. The Reverend Dr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president emeritus of the University of Notre Dame, shows the directions education must take. Dr. Armand M. Nicholi Jr., clinical psychologist at Harvard University Medical School, tells how to combat the stresses threatening families today.
“John Marks Templeton has achieved exemplary success in both business and philanthropy. For Looking Forward he has assembled a diverse and remarkable group of experts in their fields—including the environment, medicine, the physical sciences, religion, the family, and international relations—and contributed two stellar pieces as well. Together these essays dispel fashionable pessimism and show how the world can progress—and is progressing—toward a better future.” —Rupert Murdoch
Looking Forward celebrates the triumph of the human spirit at the dawn of a new millennium. In his usual thorough way, Sir John brings together the best thinking of the best minds of our time and, in the process, conveys his own incorrigible optimism and fervent belief in our essential spirituality.” —J. Peter Grace Chairman, W.R. Grace & Company


front cover of Riches for the Mind and Spirit
Riches for the Mind and Spirit
John Marks Templeton's Treasury of Words to Help, Inspire, and Live By
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 2006

This book contains a collection of John Templeton's favorite inspirational passages.


“From the Bible, from philosophers and poets, and from other writers, we begin to form a clear understanding of the spiritual and ethical laws of life. The world's literature teaches us valuable lessons that no amount of money can buy. Those lessonsare there for everyone. They are free and they are priceless.”—John Marks Templeton


front cover of Spiritual Evolution
Spiritual Evolution
Scientists Discuss Their Beliefs
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998


Spiritual Evolution: Scientists Discuss Their Beliefs describes the intellectual and emotional journeys traveled by esteemed scientists worldwide. Authors share the personal steps they have taken to blend an understanding of the Divine with their scientific perspectives.

Charles Birch, S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Larry Dossey, Owen Gingerich, Peter E. Hodgson, Stanley L. Jaki, Arthur Peacocke, John Polkinghorne, Russell Stannard, and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker offer accounts of their spirituality and scientific inquiry. Noting the impact of religious upbringing, academic and spiritual mentors, personal devotional practice, and study, these authors make a compelling case for the blending of both scientific and spiritual worlds. They share insights that keep them attending church, engaging in prayer, and continuing the search to understand the Infinite.



front cover of The Templeton Plan
The Templeton Plan
21 Steps To Personal Success
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 2011
John Templeton believes that his financial accomplishments are directly related to his strong convictions. Now he shares the secrets of his phenomenal success in twenty-one principles that provide readers with solid guidelines for prosperity and happiness.
Templeton maintains that the common denominator connecting successful people with successful enterprises is a devotion to ethical and spiritual principles. He emphasizes the “laws of life”—truthfulness, perseverance, thrift, enthusiasm, humility, and altruism—that can help everyone discover and develop their individual abilities.
A Giniger Book formerly published by Harper & Row in 1987

front cover of Wisdom From World Religions
Wisdom From World Religions
Pathways Toward Heaven On Earth
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 2002

Every religion acknowledges certain spiritual principles and records them in its sacred literature and traditions. This book curates these ancient teachings and shows how they apply to modern life with the help of parables, quotations, and commentaries.

By reading Wisdom from World Religions, people from all walks of life will be inspired to pursue their own spiritual growth and to contemplate questions central to our existence, such as how, through love and creativity, can we be agents of divinity on earth?

Uplifting and instructional, this is a book to be treasured, studied, and practiced.


front cover of Worldwide Laws Of Life
Worldwide Laws Of Life
200 Eternal Spiritual Principles
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 1998

Worldwide Laws of Life is full of wisdom drawn from the major sacred Scriptures of the world and various schools of philosophical thought, as well as from scientists, artists, historians, and others. Its aim is to assist people of all ages to learn more about the universal truths of life that transcend modern times or particular cultures.

This treasury of practical morality, personal inspiration, and daily guidance is perfect for people of all persuasions. The organization facilitates group or personal study and spiritual development.



front cover of Worldwide Worship
Worldwide Worship
Prayers Song & Poetry
John Marks Templeton
Templeton Press, 2000

Drawn from classical and religious texts, as well as the work of poets and other artists, Worldwide Worship is a unique celebration of worship found in many religious traditions. These selections have been chosen singularly and as a group by John Marks Templeton, not only for their individual aesthetic beauty, but also to assist us in learning various lessons of life.

From this rich mixture of prayer, song, and poetry comes a confirmation of the life-affirming universality of the human spirit. Together these works celebrate the universal principles found in the human mind, and attempt to bridge the gaps between religions, cultures, and peoples of the world.



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