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Demystifying Marketing: A guide to the fundamentals for engineers
by Patrick Forsyth
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2007
eISBN: 978-0-86341-706-1 | Paper: 978-0-86341-806-8


Marketing is a big topic. It is complex, vital – and yet too often misunderstood.

Every organisation must have customers or clients to remain financially viable. But they will not beat a path to your door unasked. Marketing is the essential process that actively seeks to generate customers, business and profit.

Designed to explain and inform, and put any misconceptions to rights, this book is logically arranged in a way that builds up understanding; it provides a thorough basic guide to:

  • What marketing is
  • How marketing works
  • How it affects the organisation – and the individuals in it

Demystifying Marketing is a comprehensive and accessible book covering all key marketing matters, with an emphasis on practicality and why marketing is important in engineering. Aimed primarily at non-marketing people wanting clarification of marketing's purpose, role and methods, it can provide major influence to the process of building a marketing culture within an organisation in a way that positively influences results in the market place. Practitioners too can benefit from the book's clear explanations and the practical view it takes of the necessity for marketing and its implementation.

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