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Driftwood Saves the Whales
by James Davidge
Bayeux Arts, 2008
eISBN: 978-1-897411-65-0

Driftwood Saves the Whales Book Three of the Driftwood Saga. Angering the Inuit sea goddess Sedna brings about powerful visions and overwhelmingabilities for the young sorceress Driftwood Ellesmere. Giants created by HansBlekansit continue to spew Blekan-Marts all over the world. Odin, Thor and otherNorse Gods return to Earth to conduct illegal whaling. A surprise reunion helpsHarry Blekansit finally get off the toilet. Amidst all the chaos Driftwood and Rosebecome celebrities caught up in a strange merchandizing deal. And to top things offDriftwood never seems to having any success talking to Tide, the boy she likes fromCamp Magee. Will our heroine ever figure out how to cope with the wild world aroundher?The Driftwood Saga chronicles the magical quests of a young girl and her attemptsto understand and solve various world problems including child labour, excessivelogging and the military industrial complex. Driftwood Saves the Whales, theexciting third volume, is written by James Davidge (Mathemagick & Mystiphysics, TheDuchess Ranch of Old John Ware) with illustrations by Eric Jordan.

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