front cover of Food Culture in Medieval Scandinavia
Food Culture in Medieval Scandinavia
Viktória Gyönki
Amsterdam University Press, 2022
The making, eating, and sharing of food throughout society represents an important and exciting area of study with the potential to advance the field of scholarship, particularly in the context of Scandinavian Studies. This book analyses the historical, legal, and literary sources of the region during the medieval period to explore different aspects of Scandinavian culture relating to food and drink: production, consumption (including feasts), trading (distribution), and the associated social rituals. Using new and innovative approaches, this collection of studies offers broad insights into a great variety of social practices and includes fresh information on not only social history but also traditional topics such as trade, commercial exchange, legal regulation, and political organisation. The book unites contributors from a variety of backgrounds, further enriching the content of a collection that promises to make a significant contribution to the state of current research.

front cover of Medieval Scandinavia
Medieval Scandinavia
From Conversion to Reformation, circa 800-1500
Birgit Sawyer
University of Minnesota Press, 1993

front cover of Social Norms in Medieval Scandinavia
Social Norms in Medieval Scandinavia
Jakub Morawiec
Arc Humanities Press, 2019
New research methods allow us to explore how relics of the material culture of the medieval north can confront, corroborate, or disprove the depiction of social norms in the Old Norse-Icelandic literary corpus, which remains the most important source of our present-day knowledge of social development in the Viking Age and medieval Scandinavia. This interdisciplinary volume considers in depth how social values such as reputation, honour, and friendship, were integral to the development of rituals, customs, religion, literature, and language in the medieval North.

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