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Freshwater Fishes of Mexico
by Robert Rush Miller, W. L. Minckley and Steven Mark Norris
University of Chicago Press, 2006
Cloth: 978-0-226-52604-1
Library of Congress Classification QL629.M55 2005
Dewey Decimal Classification 597.176/0972

Though Mexico is only one-fifth the size of the continental United States, it is home to nearly two-thirds as many freshwater fishes as those that swim the waters of the United States and Canada combined. Mexico's diverse freshwater fauna can be attributed to the country's highly varied physical geography, a wide latitudinal range, the largest river system in middle America, and, ironically, its oceans—many marine groups left the brine for the inland springs and never returned to the sea.

No one knew these Mexican freshwaters or the fish that inhabit them better than the late world-renowned ichthyologist Robert Rush Miller. A pioneer of the field, Miller undertook his first field excursion more than fifty years ago and, in the decades following, amassed the information necessary to write the first encyclopedia of Mexican inland ichthyology. Providing keys to more than 500 native species—accompanied by detailed distribution maps and illustrations—Freshwater Fishes of México offers a historical overview of the country's ichthyology, as well as syntheses of the unique biogeography of Mexican fishes and their current conservation status. Organized by family, the species accounts are supplemented with color galleries containing photographs of live fishes in their native environments and natural habitats. Exploring ecological, biological, and taxonomic issues, the book also considers the evolutionary history of the ichthyofauna itself and the human history of the scientists who researched it during the last several centuries.

The life's work of Robert Rush Miller, the long-awaited Freshwater Fishes of México will be welcomed not only by students of Mexican fishes, but by all ichthyologists working in Central and North America. This book will also find an audience among home aquarium hobbyists, fishery managers, conservation biologists, and environmental planners and managers.
One of the world’s foremost experts on freshwater fishes, Robert Rush Miller (1916–2003) was professor emeritus in the Department of Zoology and curator in the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan from 1948 to his retirement in 1987. W. L. Minckley (1935–2001) was professor emeritus of biology at Arizona State University. Steven Mark Norris is an ichthyologist lecturing in biology at California State University Channel Islands.
    Foreword by Salvador Contreras-Balderas
    Prefacio por Salvador Contreras-Balderas
    Foreword by Edwin P. (Phil) Pister
    Prefacio por Edwin P. (Phil) Pister

    1. Introduction

    2. Environments of México
    Geography and Geology
    Climate and Hydrography
    Biotic Provinces

    3. Historical Ichthyogeography
    W. L. Minckley, Robert Rush Miller, Clyde D. Barbour, Juan J. Schmitter Soto, and Steven Mark Norris
    Subcontinental Patterns
    Ichthyofauna Provinces

    4. History of Mexican Freshwater Ichthyology
    Steven Mark Norris and José Luis Castro Aguirre
    Early Contributors
    Contributors from Abroad
    Mexican Contributors
    Freshwater Fishes of México

    5. Extirpation, Extinction, and Conservation
    W. L. Minckley and Robert Rush Miller

    6. The Fishes
    Scientific and Common Names
    Keys to Families of Mexican Freshwater Fishes
    Accounts of Species (numbered following Nelson 1994)

    36. Family PRISTIDAE
    53. Family ACIPENSERIDAE
    55. Family LEPISOSTEIDAE
    63. Family ELOPIDAE
    68. Family ANGUILLIDAE
    88. Family ENGRAULIDAE
    91. Family CLUPEIDAE
    96. Family CYPRINIDAE
    98. Family CATOSTOMIDAE
    110. Family CHARACIDAE
    112. Family ICTALURIDAE
    128. Family ARIIDAE
    134. Family PIMELODIDAE
    149. Family GYMNOTIDAE
    189. Family SALMONIDAE
    200. Family BYTHITIDAE
    215. Family BATRACHOIDIDAE
    232. Family MUGILIDAE
    236. Family ATHERINOPSIDAE
    242. Family BELONIDAE
    245. Family HEMIRAMPHIDAE
    Family RIVULIDAE
    250. Family ANABLEPIDAE
    251. Family POECILIIDAE
    252. Family GOODEIDAE
    278. Family GASTEROSTEIDAE
    281. Family SYNGNATHIDAE
    287. Family SYNBRANCHIDAE
    306. Family COTTIDAE
    315. Family CENTROPOMIDAE
    330. Family CENTRARCHIDAE
    331. Family PERCIDAE
    344. Family CARANGIDAE
    350. Family LUTJANIDAE
    352. Family GERREIDAE
    353. Family HAEMULIDAE
    360. Family SCIAENIDAE
    387. Family CICHLIDAE
    427. Family GOBIESOCIDAE
    432. Family ELEOTRIDAE
    433. Family GOBIIDAE
    471. Family ACHIRIDAE
    Appendix. Original Descriptions and Type Localities for Native, Inland, Mexican Fishes
    Glossary, Abbreviations, and Acronyms
    Literature Cited
    Authors and Contributors
    Scientific Names Index
    Author Index
    Subject Index


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