edited by Michael A. Pagano
contributions by Philip Ashton, Beverly S Bunch, Bill Burton, Charles Hoch, Sean Lally and Sanjeev Vidyarthi
University of Illinois Press, 2018
Cloth: 978-0-252-04215-7 | Paper: 978-0-252-08387-7 | eISBN: 978-0-252-05089-3
Library of Congress Classification HC79.C3P817 2018
Dewey Decimal Classification 363

A city's infrastructure influences the daily life of residents, neighborhoods, and businesses. But uniting the hard infrastructure of roads and bridges with the soft infrastructure of parks and public art creates significant political challenges. Planners at all stages must work at an intersection of public policy, markets, and aesthetics--while also accounting for how a project will work in both the present and the future.

The latest volume in the Urban Agenda series looks at pressing infrastructure issues discussed at the 2017 UIC Urban Forum. Topics include: competing notions of the infrastructure ideal; what previous large infrastructure programs can teach the Trump Administration; how infrastructure influences city design; the architecture of the cities of tomorrow; who benefits from infrastructure improvements; and evaluations of projects like the Chicago Riverwalk and grassroots efforts to reclaim neighborhood parks from gangs.

Contributors: Philip Ashton, Beverly S. Bunch, Bill Burton, Charles Hoch, Sean Lally, and Sanjeev Vidyarthi