edited by Isadore Twersky and Jay M. Harris
Harvard University Press, 2000
Cloth: 978-0-674-00377-4 | Paper: 978-0-674-00378-1
Library of Congress Classification BM180.S78 2000
Dewey Decimal Classification 940.04924

This volume contains eleven original studies, ten in English and one in Hebrew, by some of the most established scholars of Judaica and young newcomers as well. Like the studies in the previous two volumes in the series, those in this new volume shed important light on the Jewish cultural experience across a vast geographic expanse, and over many centuries. The studies illuminate the relationship of Jewish social structure and intellectual creativity; the political theories that informed Jewish communal life; different aspects of Jewish philosophical and mystical discourse; Jewish biblical interpretation; and the dynamic of Jewish legal thinking. One study offers a critical edition and annotated translation of one of the classics of Jewish biblical interpretation. The collection will be indispensable to all students of Jewish history and culture.