by Lola Olufemi
Pluto Press, 2020
Paper: 978-0-7453-4006-7
Library of Congress Classification HQ1206.O748 2020
Dewey Decimal Classification 305.42

"I was blown away"—Angela Davis
"Reading her is to believe that another world is possible."—The Guardian
More than just a slogan on a t-shirt, feminism is a radical tool for fighting back against structural violence and injustice. Feminism, Interrupted is a bold call to seize feminism back from the cultural gatekeepers and return it to its radical roots.
Writer and organizer Lola Olufemi explores state violence against women, the fight for reproductive justice, transmisogyny, gendered Islamophobia and solidarity with global struggles, showing that the fight for gendered liberation can change the world for everybody when we refuse to think of it solely as women's work. Chapters include:
*Know your history
*The sexist state
*The fight for reproductive justice
*The savior complex: Muslim women and gendered Islamophobia
*Complicated consent: How to support sex workers
*The answer to sexual violence is not more prisons
*Feminism and food
*Solidarity is a doing word
Including testimonials from Sisters Uncut, migrant groups working for reproductive justice, prison abolitionists and activists involved in the international fight for Kurdish and Palestinian rights, Olufemi emphasizes the link between feminism and grassroots organizing. Reclaiming feminism from the clutches of the consumerist, neoliberal model, Feminism, Interrupted shows that when “feminist” is more than a label, it holds the potential for radical transformative work.
Olufemi writes in her Introduction, "Feminism is a political project about what could be. It’s always looking forward, investing in future we can’t quite grasp yet. It’s a way of swishing, hoping, aiming at everything that has been deemed impossible. It’s a task that has to be approached seriously. This book is for anyone who is beginning to think critically….If this book makes you pick up another book, or watch a documentary, search the archive, reach for a poetry book—if it spars or reignites your interest in feminism, then it has served its purpose."

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