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Mountain Sheep of North America
edited by Raul Valdez and Paul R. Krausman
University of Arizona Press, 1999
Cloth: 978-0-8165-1839-5
Library of Congress Classification QL737.U53M75 1999
Dewey Decimal Classification 599.649

Mountain sheep epitomize wilderness for many people because they occupy some of the most inaccessible and rugged habitats known to man, from desert crags to alpine mountains. But of all hoofed mammals in North America, wild sheep present the greatest management problems to biologists.

This book is a major reference on the natural history, ecology, and management of wild sheep in North America. Written by wildlife biologists who have devoted years of study to the animals, it covers Dall's and Stone's sheep and Rocky Mountain, California, and desert bighorn and examines a variety of factors pertinent to their life histories: habitat, diet, activity, social organization, reproduction, and population dynamics. Additional chapters consider distribution and abundance, adaptive strategies, and management guidelines. Discussions on diseases of wild sheep present a wealth of information that will be of particular use to wildlife biologists, including detailed clinical descriptions of conditions that threaten sheep populations, from pasteurellosis to capture myopathy. An appendix reviews the cytogenetics and genetics of wild sheep.

North American wild sheep may face extinction in many areas unless critical questions concerning their management are answered soon. Prior to the publication of this book, there was no single reference available in which one could find such a synthesis of information. Mountain Sheep of North America provides that source and points toward the preservation of these magnificent wild creatures.

1. Description, Distribution, and Abundance of Mountain Sheep in North America, Raul Valdez and Paul R. Krausman
2. Natural History of Thinhorn Sheep, Lyman Nichols and Fred L. Bunnell
3. Natural History of Rocky Mountain and California Bighorn Sheep, David M. Shackleton, Christopher C. Shank, and Brian M. Wikeem
4. Natural History of Desert Bighorn Sheep, Paul R. Krausman, Andrew V. Sandoval, and Richard C. Etchberger
5. Adaptive Strategies in American Mountain Sheep: Effects of Climate, Latitude and Altitude, Ice Age Evolution, and Neonatal Security, Valerius Geist
6. Diseases of North American Wild Sheep, Thomas D. Bunch, Walter M. Boyce, Charles P. Hibler, William R. Lance, Terry R. Spraker, and Elizabeth S. Williams
7. Management of Bighorn Sheep, Charles L. Douglas and David M. Leslie Jr.
Appendix: Cytogenetics and Genetics, Thomas D. Bunch, Robert S. Hoffmann, and Charles F. Nadler

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