edited by Wolfgang Brückle and Fred Truniger
Diaphanes, 2023
Paper: 978-3-0358-0544-4 | eISBN: 978-3-0358-0545-1

An exploration of the digital revolution in traditional audiovisual media.

Over the last two decades, the field of audiovisual media has changed dramatically. Until recently, there was only a small number of technologies, distribution channels were few, and moving images were largely limited to cinemas, televisions, galleries, or art museums. Also, both the producers and the audiences of such content clearly identified as human beings. Those days are over.

The digitization of image production and distribution ushered in a massive disruption to the traditional landscape of the moving image that had existed since the advent of the audiovisual industry. Touching on discussions such as child producers, the marketing interests of big corporations, and the origins of new media formats and practices, Display, Distribute, Disrupt​ maps the new conditions for creative work in the ever-widening sphere of audiovisual media.

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