front cover of The Holbrook Years
The Holbrook Years
Christian Zacher
The Ohio State University Press, 2012
The Holbrook Years 2002–2007 chronicles the tenure of Karen A. Holbrook, thirteenth president of The Ohio State University, from the extensive search process to her departure. As the thirteenth volume of history of presidents of The Ohio State University, it includes the personal and public life Holbrook, the first woman and research scientist to lead The Ohio State University.

The OSU Board of Trustees and its presidential search committee found in Holbrook’s experience many reasons to invite her to lead Ohio’s flagship institution of higher education. Foremost among them was her familiarity with academic medicine, which they thought would give her a special understanding of OSU’s growing medical center. She was particularly interested in fostering multi-disciplinary programs and emphasizing outreach via pre-collegiate programs to broaden the pipeline for students who saw The Ohio State University as a goal.


front cover of Not Even Past
Not Even Past
A History of the Department of English, The Ohio State University, 1870–2000
Morris Beja and Christian K. Zacher
Impromptu Press, 2019
Not Even Past: A History of the Department of English, The Ohio State University, 1870–2000 provides a thorough and fascinating institutional history of a program central to the mission of the university and a history of an entire complex discipline. OSU’s Department of English is one of the largest and most prominent in the US and, in fact, the world. Inevitably, then, a study of that department entails an account of the role of English and American literature in higher education from the nineteenth century to modern and contemporary times; an exploration of the expanding role of the modern “English” department and discipline; the role—or, at times, the lack of a significant role—of women and minorities within the department; and the careers and accomplishments of numerous prominent critics, scholars, and creative writers—including, for example, James Thurber and his work with a number of OSU faculty.  Due attention is paid to the controversies and troubles of the late 1960s and the shutdown of the university in 1970. In addition to the two major authors, ten experts provide extended sections on the history of their own fields. The result is both comprehensive and deeply felt.

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