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The Library Quarterly, volume 92 number 4 (October 2022)
by The University of Chicago Press and The Library Quarterly
other editor The University of Chicago
University of Chicago Press Journals, 2022
eISBN: 978-0-226-91670-5

This is volume 92 issue 4 of The Library Quarterly. The Library Quarterly (LQ) embraces a wide array of original research perspectives, approaches, and quantitative, qualitative, evaluative, analytic, and mixed methodology to assess the role of libraries in communities and in society. Through unique and innovative content that positions libraries at the nexus of information, community, and policy, LQ publishes cutting-edge articles, essays, editorials, and reviews that inform, enable, equalize, and lead. Across these areas, all content in the journal ties to contemporary issues impacting libraries and librarianship.
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