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The Mexico City Reader
edited by Ruben Gallo
University of Wisconsin Press, 2004
Cloth: 978-0-299-19710-0 | Paper: 978-0-299-19714-8 | eISBN: 978-0-299-19713-1
Library of Congress Classification F1386.M654 2004
Dewey Decimal Classification 917.2/530482


    Mexico City is one of Latin America’s cultural capitals, and one of the most vibrant urban spaces in the world. The Mexico City Reader is an anthology of "Cronicas"—short, hybrid texts that are part literary essay, part urban reportage—about life in the capital. This is not the "City of Palaces" of yesteryear, but the vibrant, chaotic, anarchic urban space of the1980s and 1990s—the city of garbage mafias, necrophiliac artists, and kitschy millionaires.
    Like the visitor wandering through the city streets, the reader will be constantly surprised by the visions encountered in this mosaic of writings—a textual space brimming with life and crowded with flâneurs, flirtatious students, Indian dancers,
food vendors, fortune tellers, political activists, and peasant protesters.
    The essays included in this anthology were written by a panoply of writers, from well-known authors like Carlos Monsiváis and Jorge Ibagüengoitia to younger figures like Fabrizio Mejía Madrid and Juieta García González, all of whom are experienced practitioners of the city. The texts collected in this anthology are among the most striking examples of this concomitant "theory and practice" of Mexico City, that most delirious of megalopolises.

“[An] exciting literary journey . . .”—Carolyn Malloy, Multicultural Review

Rubén Gallo is Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures at Princeton University.

"In spite of its size, its proximity to the United States, and its extraordinarily vibrant cultural life, Mexico City remains almost invisible as a literary locale to North American readers who do not know Spanish. Rubén Gallo undertakes to fill this gap with his anthology of writings about the city, and he does so with great skill, insight, and verve."—Maarten van Delden, author of Carlos Fuentes, Mexico, and Modernity

"Gathered under topical headings such as The Metro, Eating and Drinking, Corruption and Bureaucracy, Gallo has chosen some of the most engaging and lively chronicles of [Mexico City]."—Jean Franco, author of The Decline and Fall of the Lettered City: Latin America and the Cold War

“A must-read for anyone interested in the social and cultural pulse of modern Mexico City.”—Clara Ricciardi, The Bloomsbury Review

    <table of contents, p. vii>
    List of Photographs	000
    Acknowledgments	000
    Permissions	000
    Introduction: Delirious Mexico City
    	Rubén Gallo	000
    1. Mexico City on Paper
    Mexico, City of Paper
    	Gonzalo Celorio	000
    2. Places
    	Fabrizio Mejía Madrid	000
    Zona Rosa, 1965
    	Vicente Leñero	000
    San Rafael
    	Gerardo Deniz	000
    Coyoac n I
    	Guillermo Sheridan	000
    Coyoac n II
    	Jorge Ibargüengoitia	000
    División del Norte
    	Julieta García Gonz lez	000
    Plaza Satélite
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    Las Lomas I
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    Las Lomas II
    	Daniela Rossell	000
    3. The Metro
    The Metro
    	Juan Villoro	000
    Voyage to the Center of the City
    	Ricardo Garibay	000
    Metro Insurgentes
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    The Metro: A Voyage to the End of the Squeeze
    	Carlos Monsiv is	000
    4. Monuments
    	Guillermo Sheridan	000
    La Diana
    	Vicente Leñero	000
    5. Eating and Drinking
    The Chinese Café
    	José de la Colina	000
    Armando's Tortas
    	Jorge Ibargüengoitia	000
    Vips in the Early Morning
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    	Carlos Monsiv is	000
    6. Urban Renewal / Urban Disasters
    Call the Doctor
    	Jorge Ibargüengoitia	000
    Tacubaya, 1978
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    Avenida Álvaro Obregón, 1979
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    San Juan de Letr n
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    	Francis Als	000
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    "Who's There?" The Art of Opening and Closing the Door
    	Jorge Ibargüengoitia	000
    Klaxons and the Man
    	Jorge Ibargüengoitia	000
    7. The Earthquake
    The Earthquake
    	Elena Poniatowska	000
    8. Maids
    Maids I
    	Augusto Monterroso	000
    Maids II
    	Guadalupe Loaeza	000
    Chapultepec and the Maids
    	José Joaquín Blanco	000
    9. Corruption and Bureaucracy
    Trimmins for the Comanche
    	Ricardo Garibay	000
    In the Same Boat
    	Ricardo Garibay	000
    The University
    	Jonathan Hern ndez	000
    10. The Margins
    	Alma Guillermoprieto	000
    SEMEFO: The Morgue
    	Cuauhtémoc Medina	000
    Bibliography	000
    Contributors	000
    Index	000

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