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Male Fantasies: Volume 1: Women Floods Bodies History
by Klaus Theweleit
University of Minnesota Press, 1987
Paper: 978-0-8166-1449-3
Library of Congress Classification UA717.T4713 1987
Dewey Decimal Classification 355.1/2/0943

  • Contents 
    • Foreword
      • Ehrenreich, Barbara
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1: 
    • Men and Women
      • Seven Marriages
      • The Historical Context and the Nature of the Material
      • Biographical Tradition
      • Partings
      • Brides
      • De-Realization
      • Hands Off!
      • Visions
      • Erasing the Stain
      • Forms of Defense
      • A Soldier's Love
      • Excursus on “Homosexuality” and Where We Go From Here
      • A Soldier's Love (continued)
      • Woman as Aggressor
      • Rifle-Women (Flintenweiber): The Castrating Woman
      • The Red Nurse
      • On Sythen's Ground—Where Myths Abound
      • The White Nurse—Countess of Sythen Castle
      • Mothers
      • Sisters
      • Marriage—Sisters of Comrades
      • The Lady with the Light
      • An Aside on Proletarian Reality, Proletarian Woman and Man of the Left: The Reality Content of the Projections
      • Attacks on Women
      • Sexual Murder: Killing for Pleasure
      • Preliminary Findings
    • Chapter 2: 
    • Floods, Bodies, History
      • Aggregate States of the Bodily Interior
        • The Red Flood
        • Street of Blood
        • Boiling
        • Exploding Earth/Lava
        • Warding Off the Red Floods
      • Streams
        • All That Flows
        • Very Early History: The Woman from the Water
        • Woman: Territory of Desire
      • Origins of the Anti-Female Armor
        • Early Bourgeois History: The Expansion and Contraction of Bodies and the World
        • Expansion and Contraction, A.D. 1500: The Ocean Wide and the “God Within”
        • Monogamization
        • Centralization and the “White Lady”: The Geometricizing of Bodies
        • Solo with Accompaniment: Falcon and Medusa, or “Let There Be Ego”
        • Some of the Principal Features of Reterritorialization through Women and Images of Women
        • The “One-and-Only” and Doubts about the Nature of Reality: Armor on Two Fronts
        • Sexualization of the Bourgeois Woman in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
        • The Reduction of Woman to the Vagina and Her Enlargement into the Sea of Seas
        • German Classicism: The Woman-Machine and the “New Morality” as a Further Erosion of the Shores of Woman-Nature
        • Into the Nineteenth Century: Crystalline Wave/Concealed Woman—from Water to Blood
        • Closing Remarks
      • Some Characteristics of an Artificial Relation: The Maintenance of Lack in Relations between the Sexes
        • Preliminary Remarks
        • The Body of Woman as Object of the “New Morality”
        • One Form of Female Sacrifice
        • The Incest Commandment
        • The Ocean in Woman—Escape from the Double Bind—Incest Prohibition/Incest Commandment
        • Floods of Love in Workers' Poetry (Supplement)
      • Contamination of the Body's Peripheral Areas
        • Dirt
        • The Mire
        • The Morass
        • Slime
        • Pulp
        • “Behind”
        • Shit
        • “Through the Body…”
        • Rain
        • Defense against Slime, the Morass, Pulp
        • Summary: Republic, Revolution, War
      • The Body as Dirt
      • Dam and Flood: The Ritual of Parading in Mass
    • Notes
    • Bibliography
    • Index