Collection and Delivery of Traffic and Travel Information
edited by Paul Burton and Alan Stevens
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2020
Cloth: 978-1-78561-772-0 | eISBN: 978-1-78561-773-7


Technologies for traffic and travel information (TTI) have been evolving rapidly in recent years. This book offers an overview of three generations of TTI technology, beginning with the first generation of human to human information transmission. The second generation incorporated machine to human information exchange, with the development of classification and transmission protocols such as RDS-TMC and TPEG. A third generation of machine to machine communication is now emerging, disrupting TTI technology and creating the need for this new reference work, which covers gathering information from automated sensors, its digital processing and transmission, and its use by increasingly intelligent agents and vehicles.

The book provides coverage of the following topics, written by a range of experts in their respective fields: road traffic data collection; road traffic news from the air; location referencing; digital coding, collation and exchange of traffic information; European developments in traffic and travel information; the role of the commercial sector in developing road traffic information in the UK and Europe; dynamic road traffic signage; smart motorway information development; contribution of cooperative ITS to road traffic and travel information; multi modal traffic and travel information; social media and traffic and travel information; social media services and business models; and finally traffic and travel information into the future.

Providing essential information to researchers and industry professionals involved with or interested in technologies and organisations that provide or deliver travel information, this book could also be of interest to policymakers needing an overview of the evolution and recent developments of this field, and advanced students of subjects related to telecommunications with an interest in traffic information.

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