edited by Richard W. Etulain
contributions by Paul M. Zall, Michael S. Green, Robert W. Johannsen, Deren Earl Kellogg, Mark E. Neely, Jr., David A. Nichols, Earl S. Pomeroy, Larry Schweikart and Vincent G. Tegeder
Southern Illinois University Press, 2010
Paper: 978-0-8093-3908-2 | Cloth: 978-0-8093-2961-8 | eISBN: 978-0-8093-8558-4
Library of Congress Classification E457.2.L8335 2010
Dewey Decimal Classification 973.7


This volume explores Abraham Lincoln’s ties to the American West, bringing together a variety of scholars and experts who offer a look at the sixteenth president’s legacy in the territory beyond the Mississippi River. Included in this collection are an examination of Lincoln’s opposition to the Mexican War; a discussion of antislavery politics as applied to the West; perspectives on Lincoln’s views on the Thirteenth Amendment and his reluctance to admit Nevada to the Union; a look at the impact of the Radical Republicans on Lincoln’s patronage and appointments; and discussion of Lincoln’s favorable treatment of New Mexico and Arizona in an effort to garner their loyalty to the Union. Also analyzed is “The Tribe of Abraham”—Lincoln’s less-than-competent appointments in Washington Territory—and the ways in which Lincoln’s political friends in the Western Territories influenced his western policies. Other essays look at Lincoln’s dealings with the Mormons of Utah, who supported the president in exchange for his tolerance, and Native Americans, whose relations with the government suffered as the president’s attention was consumed by the Civil War. Loaded with a wealth of information, Lincoln Looks West explores yet another dimension to this dynamic leader and to the history of the American West.