Pizza City, USA: 101 Reasons Why Chicago Is America's Greatest Pizza Town
by Steve Dolinsky
Northwestern University Press
Paper: 978-0-8101-3774-5 | eISBN: 978-0-8101-3775-2

There are few things that Chicagoans feel more passionately about than pizza. It is the most identifiable food of the city, and neighbors can argue endlessly about who makes the best pie, whether thin crust or deep dish takes the cake, and which essential ingredients are the most important to make up the ideal pizza. With such a broad range of Chicagoland pizzerias, how could anyone ever decide the best of the best, once and for all? Enter Steve Dolinsky, Chicago's very own eminent food journalist and impartial pizza judge extraordinaire. Dolinsky has embarked on a self-described "Pizza Quest," methodically taste-testing 101 different pizzas all over Chicagoland to reveal the top five pies in each of seven defined categories. Expertly written, thoroughly researched, and finely detailed, you will learn more about pizza in Chicago than you ever thought possible. Does Lou Malnati's really have the best deep dish in the city? Where should you go to find the best artisan-style thin crust? Did your favorite pizzeria make the list? Find the answers to all of those questions and more in Pizza City, USA.

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