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Nahum Goldman: His Missions to the Gentile
by Raphael Patai
University of Alabama Press, 1980
Cloth: 978-0-8173-0294-8 | Paper: 978-0-8173-5095-6
Library of Congress Classification DS151.G585P38 1987
Dewey Decimal Classification 956.940010924

The first exploration of Nahum Goldmann and his extraordinary life
Nahum Goldmann (1895-1982) was a major Zionist figure for the last half-century and the chief architect of the pact pledging West Germany to pay reparations to Israel and to individual Jews for acts committed during the Nazi regime. He was co-founder of the Eschkol Publishing House in Berlin and was co-publisher of the Encyclopedia Judaica, the only major Jewish encyclopedia published in Germany.
 Patai’s study is the first to explore this brilliant, often irritating, and enormously successful Jewish politician and diplomat. Goldmann represented no government, yet he effected important international change. The book discusses Goldmann’s involvement with the partition controversy which led to the establishment of Israel, West German reparation payments amounting to over $36 billion, and a series of attempts to meet with Egyptian President Nasser in hopes of bringing peace to the Middle East.
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