edited by Virgil Suarez and Ryan G. Van Cleave
University of Iowa Press, 2001
Cloth: 978-0-87745-746-6 | Paper: 978-0-87745-747-3
Library of Congress Classification PS595.E54A45 2001
Dewey Decimal Classification 811.009353


Diaspora constitutes a powerful descriptor for the modern condition of the contemporary poet, the spokesperson for the psyche of America. The poems in American Diaspora: Poetry of Displacement focus on the struggles and pleasures of creating a home-physical and mental-out of displacement, exile, migration, and alienation.

To fully explore the concept of diaspora, the editors have broadened the scope of their definition to include not only the physical act of moving and immigration but also the spiritual and emotional dislocations that can occur-as for Emily Dickinson and other poets-even in a life spent entirely in one location.