edited by Frank Ruda and Jan Voelker
by Paul Christiansen
Diaphanes, 2015
eISBN: 978-3-03734-582-5 | Paper: 978-3-03734-209-1
Library of Congress Classification N6350.A62 2015
Dewey Decimal Classification 709.04001

Art is often said to be timeless, but specific works of art always take place within time and maintain a dynamic balance between their conditions of production and reception.
Art and Contemporaneity features contributions from leading scholars, including Alain Badiou and Alexander García Düttmann, who bring theories of aesthetic philosophy to bear on one of the most crucial questions about contemporary art: how do works of art come to exist within and in relation to time? A specific temporality of an artwork emerges from the material and political conditions of its production. But works of art also forge new relationships to time in their reception, which are continually superimposed upon layers of history. With a broad range of perspectives, Art and Contemporaneity offers a sustained reflection on the relationship between art and time, and it will appeal to those interested in both the theory and practice of contemporary art.

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