edited by Michael A. Pagano
contributions by James E Spiotto, Gary Strong, Shu Wang, Yonghong Wu, Jered B Carr, Rebecca Hendrick, Martin J Luby, David Merriman, Michael A. Pagano, David Saustad, Casey Sebetto and Michael D Siciliano
University of Illinois Press, 2019
eISBN: 978-0-252-05177-7 | Cloth: 978-0-252-04291-1 | Paper: 978-0-252-08473-7
Library of Congress Classification HJ141.P46 2019
Dewey Decimal Classification 336

American cities continue to experience profound fiscal crises. Falling revenues cannot keep pace with the increased costs of vital public services, infrastructure development and improvement, and adequately funded pensions. Chicago presents an especially vivid example of these issues, as the state of Illinois's rocky fiscal condition compounds the city's daunting budget challenges. In The People's Money, Michael A. Pagano curates a group of essays that emerged from discussions at the 2018 UIC Urban Forum. The contributors explore fundamental questions related to measuring the fiscal health of cities, including how cities can raise revenue, the accountability of today's officials for the future financial position of a city, the legal and practical obstacles to pension reform and a balanced budget, and whether political collaboration offers an alternative to the competition that often undermines regional governance.Contributors: Jered B. Carr, Rebecca Hendrick, Martin J. Luby, David Merriman, Michael A. Pagano, David Saustad, Casey Sebetto, Michael D. Siciliano, James E. Spiotto, Gary Strong, Shu Wang, and Yonghong Wu